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here ya go0o [16 Jan 2004|11:14pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Bold the movies you've seen.
1. X-Men
2. The Craft
3. X2
4. Swimfan
5. Fellowship of the Ring
6. Finding Nemo
7. Peter Pan
8. Home Alone
9. Aladin
10. The Ring
11. 10 Things I Hate About You
12. Not Another Teen Movie
13. Spiceworld
14. 8 Mile
15. Bambi
16. Pirates of the Carribean
17. Edward Scissorhands
18. Stepmom
19. My Best Friends Wedding
20. 101 Dalmations
21. Scream
22. Scream 2
23. Scream 3
24. Big Daddy
25. Billy Madison
26. Chamber of Secrets
27. Sorcerer Stone
28. Heartbreakers
29. Dumb & Dumber
30. Cruel Intentions
31. Scary Movie
32. Look Who's Talking
33. Blade
34. Blade II
35. O
36. Titanic
37. Carrie
38. Carrie 2: The Rage
39. Daddy Day Care
40. Legally Blonde
41. Austin Powers
42. Storm of the Century
43. Oliver and Company
44. Two Towers
45. Return of the King
46. Mighty Ducks
47. Fast and the Furious
48. 2Fast, 2 Furious
49. A Walk To Remember
50. TripleX
51. Beauty and the Beast
52. I Know What You Did Last Summer
53. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
54. Sound of Music
55. Mary Poppins
56. Tuck Everlasting
57. The Patriot
58. The Wizard of Oz
59. Killing Ms. Tingle ? teaching ms tingle
60. Crossroads
61. Now and Then
62. Pearl Harbor
63. Just Married
64. Cast Away
65. Radio Flyer
66. Final Destination
67. Lady and the Tramp
68. Shallow Hal
69. 40 Days and 40 Nights
70. Bring It On
71. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
72. The Outsiders
73. The Matrix
74. Perfect Storm
75. Cruel Intentions
76. Never Been Kissed
77. Clueless
78. Bruce Almighty
79.Remember the Titans
81. Girl, Interrupted
82. SWAT
83. Sixth Sense
84. PhoneBooth
85. The Lion King
86. Urban Legends
87. Nightflier
88. Lion King 2
89. Little Mermaid
90. American Pie
91. Center Stage
92. Scooby Doo
93. Bedazzled
94. Mrs. Doubtfire
95. Save the Last Dance
96. My Girl
97. American Beauty
98. Romeo & Juliet
99. Lost World
100. Casper

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erhm long time no update [15 Jan 2004|08:30pm]
[ mood | content ]

hey guyz.. sorry i havent updated in a while, my computer got a virus and its been actin stupid and going real slow and explorer hasnt been working right so finally i have a chance to update.

Roger's gone. Didn't say good-bye. He left Saturday morning and I thought he was gonna chill Friday night at Sarah's, but yeah he was busy packing. So Friday I went to the basketball game, then went over to Sarah's. Bryan came over and he told me that Roger has still kinda sorta been going out with Amanda, so yeah I felt like shit. I cried all night and got so nauseous that I almost threw up numerous times. I basically starved myself for 4 days and got pretty sick. I'm just now feeling better. I talked to him online and tried to tell him how I felt without being a bitch but I just straight out came and told him everything. I think I was too bitchy, I havent talked to him since like Tuesday. I dunno, why do I even try.

Today we went and looked at 2 houses. I fell in love with the first one. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a fireplace. Ohh its so0o purdy. I'd finally have my own room. We just have to sell out house first =( We were just cleaning out the main closet and shit. WOO MAN WAS IT DIRTY! We aren't even done. The house we went to look at was on like 21 mile. Like a 20 minute drive from home, maybe 30 minutes. It's in such a good neighborhood. I just love it! lol

Tomorrow I'm not goin ta sch0ol again. I didn't go today cuz there was so much snow.. but yet no snow day. Oh well I'll just get my shit for exams later I guess =/

love ta love ya
_x0x britt

I might go to greatest journal.. my name there is _x0xo, I'll let ya'll know though

arfffiez [03 Jan 2004|07:41pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

i'm not doing that bad at updating. i'm kinda surprised, i mean sure i don't update everyday, but its every few days which isnt bad for me =D

i dont wanna go back to school monday, i wanna skip the week and be with roger :x lol. he's leaving me again saturday, ohmygod im gonna fuckin cry sooooooo bad i hate the fact that he's leaving, i'm being selfish but i want him to stay here with me =( i dunno when the next time he's coming home is, but i hope its soon. there's no holidays coming up that would give time off of school. ughh i just don't want him to leave. i think i'm gonna lock him in my room and not let him out :x . . dot dot dot . . . I FUCKIN WISH!!!!!! we hung out at noelles last night and watched super troopers. that was a pretty funny movie if i do say so. i almost fell asleep at the end cuz it was like 1:00 or something. on the way home i tried to fall asleep but roger wouldnt let me lol. he kept tickling me =D hes so cute <333333 i told him i hate the fact that i'm so contagiously sick, and he asked me why and i said cuz its holding me back from so much.. i mean not so much but damnit he's be here for like 3 weeks and i havent been able to kiss him once because i dont wanna get him sick, but mother fuckers u better believe i'm gonna do it REGARDLESS! lol =) so i told him how i might be moving and he was like are u gonna be moved in the summer and i said i dunno, cuz hes coming home for the whole summer and were gonna see if things work out. but i'm DEFINATELY not getting my hopes up because i was told that we would try things out the summer of 2oo2.. so0o yeah we'll see how this works out. i saw my SARAH last night. we went to visit her, she was like omg they are so cool talking about bry n roger. shes like we HAVE to hang out with them before roger goes home. i'm like HELL YEAH WE DO! I missed that girl so fuckin much!

so i'm chillin listening to this song chicks dig it by chris cagle like a loser. godim starting to like country too much. i have a full face of makeup on minus lip gloss and i'm in sweat pants n a tank top hoping that someone comes over and says HEY BRITT WANNA HANG OUT?! lol.. right like thats gonna happen. if my sister n her people dont go to CANADA i'll probably chill with them. i really have a taste for some hommus (brittney=fat ass) =D

[/ end randomness]

sorry i just had ta do it. i'm really hyper so im gonna go burn some energy somehow

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happy frickin new year [31 Dec 2003|10:57pm]

HaPPy NeW YearZ BaBii*z

yeah at home with a headache... wanna try and stay up till 12 but only god knows if i can.. wish i was with him tonight.. i miss him and i just saw him last night.. i cry.. he makes me feel all better.. i just love him <33 can't wait till summer.. i dunno i cant see straight or think straight my jhead hurs so bad.. people are over.. my house is super duper loud.. i just wanna curl inna ball n cry

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im onna ride [28 Dec 2003|04:44pm]
yeah so nothing much to update about.

christmas sucked. didnt get shit. money thats all. went shopping frisay and saturday. bought some cute sweaters and 2 paris of jeans. yesterday was noelles party.. didnt go and i feel and i feel bad. roger n bryan come over and i wasnt home. i was supposed to go with jenny n her dad to eat and hes crabby and sick lol j its all good. so now im here all ready with no where to go..


_x0x britt
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merry xmasz [25 Dec 2003|12:00am]
Merry Christmas!!!

santa babii <3 [24 Dec 2003|07:06pm]

so the quote of my past 2 years is this

its amazing how somebody can break your heart, and yet you still love them with every broken piece of it

that has got to be the truest thing ever. because somehow i managed to love roger with every ounce of feeling left in my body after being hurt by him, somehow i was able to give out more love than i did before the pieces crumbled. i dont care who reads this, because its just the way i feel, i dont wanna hear how oh well he's doin this and that and her and what the fuck ever no i am not with him but its not a fuckin big deal if a girl loves someone.

anywayz. . .

i'm sittin here listening to depressing christmas songs. i usually love christmas, but this year i just feel so alone. i really miss my uncle and my godmother. i just kinda wish i knew what it was like to have somebody to bring to the family parties like my sister used to. it seems like people are falling in love younger and younger and just now am i finally starting to realize what love is. its definately the best feeling in the world, hearing someone say that they love you with every ounce of them.. its amazing. i can't wait till tomorrow, opening up whatever presents i get. which im hoping for a digital camera =) but i dont think thats gonna happen. and ahh i cant wait ta go shopping on friday. i'm not looking forward to seeing the families cuz i know im gonna end up hearing a bunch of shit about how my parents are divorcing. and blah blah blah. its not gonna be the same as it used to be. i hate it.


by the way
Merry Christmas Eve!!!

arfffiez [24 Dec 2003|01:32am]
yeah so definately a weird past 2 days.

woke up at like 11:30ish and go ready then went ta jennys. we chilled at the dollar store inn like the WHOLE day. talked ta darrin *babii d* w0w whatta hottie thats fooo shooo! jenny got some awes0me ringers put on her nextelly tell. STOMP dododod STOMP dododo BUMP BUMP BUMP! lmaoo ok so yeah then we chilled with sarah and walked around PTAKK PTAKKKK lmaooo w0w interesting night thats fooo shoo 2 lol. went home at like 10:30. then i came home and left and went to mangos with amber big filly willy hussle and thad. came home at like 1 and went ta sleep.

woke up at like 3 cuz annas GAY ASS woke me up. took a shower then walked with her to take jenny half way ta shays house. then i walked her halfway home and came home and went ta the dollar store inn with my moe-ma. saw babii d and yeah. came home and went to my cousins to help my sister make cookies. then i had ta go to rite aid with my mom to get hershey kissez for some cookies my sister was making. then i came home and slaved in the kitchen makin food for christmas. roger called me at like 8 and said that he was gonna try and stop by. i felt bad cuz anna and jenny wanted me to chill but yeah i was in the kitchen from like 6 till about 9. so roger ended up coming over a little after 9 and i was just chillin kept lookin out the window every time my dog started barkin or every time i heard a car door slam lol.. you know how girls are lol. then i left with them. we drove for like 5 minutes and stopped at linseys house. then we went to noelles house and she wasnt there so we went to tegans house and everyone was there. so we chilled there from like 10 till 1. it was fun. me and roger went outside to call my mom at a lil after 11 and we talked a little. i dunno i just told him that i miss him and i wish i could just be with him and have a conversation and hear about hwo college has been. he told me that hes gonna put aside a day where im gonna come over and were just gonna relax and watch movies and talk. i would REALLY like that. and he told me how him and amanda are still friends but he told her that he likes me and all that shit. and he told me how he still cares about me and he likes me and he loves me in every way ;] ***BIG SMILEZZZ, but yet i was crying lmaoo*** so yeah i just got home like at 1:15 and i dunno im tired and i miss him already. so im gonna go to bed and dream of myy babiii lol even though hes not really mine ;[ ARFF


arff :x [22 Dec 2003|12:25am]
. . // so completely b0red :[ i just wanna cry! i'm sittin here online with probably like hmm 50 people or so online and i was talking to one, but for some reason he just stopped talking. urgh!

. . // today was a very boring day! i woke up and watched 10 things i hate about you, then took a shower. jenny came by and i was still in my towel.. i mean she came by and knocked right as i was walking to my room lmao. i answered the door and was like come in and shes like "you fuckin duesh" lmao so yeah.. interesting. so jenny chilled here for like an hour cuz she told her mom she was goin 2 church. then at like 6 i went with her to jets lmfao i know you all are thinkin what fat asses but yeah we had to pick up pizza n shit. so i chilled at her house for like an hour and came home and called roger like he asked me to. yeah definately NO ANSWER! i have a feeling that i'm gonna see him like once more the whole 3 weeks hes gonna be home. ew god that pissed me off.

. . // so now i'm here watching trading spaces bein bored. tomorrow sarahs gonna stop by and pick up my pants and take em back. then me and jenny are gonna head to campau. shes gotta stop at cvs and get some stuff and i wanna check the shoe stores for some new sneakers. im in despreate need, i bought my old ones in like january of 2001 lmaoooo sad huh? they dont look bad but still.

. . // gonna go 2 bed since all my people stopped talkin :[ DEPRESSIONNNN ilu all <3 muahz

arff :X [21 Dec 2003|12:07am]
`* heeeeeeeellllllllllllooooooo <3 first off everyone needa ta disregard my last entry, bad moment lol. the DEPRESSION as me and jennay like ta call it. i just hate it when there are other people on my friends screen names, cuz yeah i wasnt talking to who i thought i was last night. so yeah thats what i wante to address first off.

`* so today was a completely awesome day. i woke up at like 12ish maybe even earlier i dont remember but i went to bed so late last night so i needed the sleep. anywho. . i didnt do much early in the day. i watched drumline with my moe-ma <3 *great movie. i helped her with the din din and it was gooooood. then i came online after drumline. jenny ims me at like 6:30 or somethin and wanted me to go with her to get something to eat. we were walkin to wendys but saw that chad was workin at jets so we went there instead.. shorter walk anywayz lol. so we talked to him for a little and we got the special service. . he delivered the food to our table and we got free jets sauce lmaoo which he delivered to out table and we got toonzzzz of napkins lol. after we were done at jets we walk outside n fuck me freddie was out there stopped at the light in his dirrty ass denali with the windows down, bumpin some funky ass music. so we got in with him and drove around and we ran into jeo, monika and anna. well not literally ran into but u get the idea. so we drove around a bit and my mom was like RIGHT BACK as i walked out the door. so we went back to jennys and i went online and talked to yahya for a little and my sister ims me 3 times roger came here OMG lemme tell you how fast my heart was beating lol. hey jenny "feel my heart omg i dont care if u touch my boobs just feel my heart" lmaoooo. so yeah hes so fuckin cute because all he knows is jenny lives by the park and he went to the wrong house looking for me. i saw him and lemme tell you i got tears in my eyes. i havent seen him since june 1st. i gave him this hug omg and i was shaking and almost in tears. lol so we went back to bryans and watched kill bill. very weird movie. my mom wanted me home by 11 so i was home right on time. roger walked me to my door and ya kno we said our good-byes. i have ta call him tomorrow after 6. guys lemme tell you. he smells like he used to and ARFF i fuckin love it. i miss him, i missed his smell, his smile, his eyes, his hands omg EVERYTHING. its like everything i remembererd came back to me today. i told him the way i felt today was the same way i felt the day he asked me out, the first time i went to his house, like the nervousness and just everything, i felt like i was meeting him all over again. god i just . . . yeahhhh anywayz

`* so yes all in all today was a fuckin SUPER day. its late i think im gonna go ta sleep so i can have fuckin sweet dreams =)

[note:] when i get excited i tend to say the "f word" A LOT lmaooooo

i love all of youuuu
_x0x`* britt
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